We incorporated best security practice rules in simple and advanced solution ensuring protection of private and business data for each organization and business.


  • Email Encryption – Enable secure email communications that eliminates the traditional barriers of cost and complexity by offering simple end to end email encryption;
  • Safe NETi works without key management, additional hardware, and separate installation in each device or any other complex implementation process;
  • Controlled User Groups – Create customized groups to protect most sensitive data with additionally security layer to ensure safe exchange of information also within the company;
  • Attachment control – Control device access to email attachments;
  • Email Logs – With email logs, you can easily monitor all email communication within and outside the company. Logs contain information on each email, including the sender and recipient, date and time, delivery status, and any associated error codes;
  • SPAM Control – Blocks unwanted and harmful messages, and eliminates the possibility of data leakage;
  • Mobile – Safe access you your data and protected communication on your mobile device

NETi features work in any infrastructure without need to change the existing email server or client.

All the data is stored within the company so no data is extracted or stored outside the company systems.