Effective mobile solution for internet content filtering and monitoring to protect your children from harmful internet content, manage screen time, app control and providing real-time location.


Internet Filtering – Unique algorithm that providesfiltering of inappropriate and harmful internet content like pornography, violent, gambling etc…;

Enforced safe search for search engines – Enables safe search from harmful internet content on search engines like Google, Bing etc…;

Personalized blocking/allowing of internet content – Block or allow any website by choice in certain device;

Monitoring – Enables real time monitoring of all internet activities like which websites are visited, the time spent on them etc…

Application Management – Manage which applications should be allowed or disallowed in the mobile device menu;

Set Time-frame Limit- Limits device internet access time. Great tool to prevent internet addiction and increase work productivity. Easily setup how much time certain device can access the internet by choosing which days of the week and daily hours are allowed;

White List – Personalized list ofwebsites that can be accessed in certain device. No other internet content can be accessed except the user pre-defined allowed websites;

Locator – Wondering where your child is? With the locator you always will always know where your child/children are.