We are here to make sure companies can mitigate digital threats and enable full potential of digitalization.


  • Internet Filtering – Unique algorithm that provides filtering of inappropriate and harmful internet content like pornography, gambling etc… also enables safe search in search engines;
  • Malicious protection – Blocks millions of malicious websites that target device or network corrupting data or taking over a system;
  • Monitoring – Enables real time monitoring of all internet activities like which websites are visited, the time spent on them etc;
  • Quota Time – Limits device internet access time which increases work productivity;
  • White List – Personalized list of websites that can be accessed in work place;
  • User Profiles – Use different settings for each employee group like senior management, mid management and operational staff.

Why Cyber NETi?

Because of Productivity, Privacy and Confidentiality, Identity and Data Theft, Device and infrastructure damage and other security risks.