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NETi solves increasing digital threats with simple plug and play products with one click features. We offer Internet and data safety digital solutions

What makes us different?

We replace expensive and complicated solutions with innovative easy to use products


Plug and Play centralized solutions with no complicated Implementation, configuration or setup. Ready to use in few minutes

Easy to use

Our products come with excellent customer experience and one click features


Interconnected functionalities complementary to any existing system architecture leading to increased work place security & productivity

We offer innovative solutions that enable secure access to company data and protected communication

Cyber NETi

Businesses are losing productivity with employees surfing non-work-related internet content, additionally web threats compromise and damage business data and infrastructure. Cyber NETi is here to make sure companies can mitigate this challenges

Safe NETi

Email is modern and most used business communication system greater than any other tool for receiving and sending information. Safe NETi is advanced end2end email security solution that ensures protected communication

NETi Mobile

Unique mobile solutions that enable secure access to data and protected communication for companies and institutions with additional advanced AI based algorithm for filtering harmful and malicious internet content which additionally has parental control

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